Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 Estes Park Wool Market

This last month the Wool Market was the happening place in Estes Park, CO. If you have never been to Estes Park, it really is worth the visit. It is so beautiful, with deer, elk and moose just hanging out with the rest of us. The views are absolutely breath taking.

We arrived around 10 am at the Fairgrounds which was very easy to find, right off the highway. There was ample parking when we got there so it was already starting off to be a great day.

Now, you know those butterflies that start fluttering all about when you are excited about something? Well, I those butterflies were all over the place for me, I was supa excited as we made our way to the our first tent, which was the Vendor tent.

From WoolFest

So many luscious fibers to see, fondle, grope, fondle. I got overwhelmed. I did a walk through once and didn't purchase a thing. I think my mind just went into over drive with all the creative inspirations I just didn’t know what to do! I realized that the sheep sheering demonstration was coming up so, I figured it would be a good opportunity to try to gather my bearings and come up with a strategic plan for when I was ready to dive back into the vendor tent.

After the sheep shearing, I went off to visit the critters in the other tents. There was the Sheep Tent, Goat Tent, Alpaca Tent and Bunny tent. Boy was I in spinner critter heaven! It took a lot of will power, not to be confused with “wheel” power to not buy the cute little bunny with floppy ears and eyes that promised beautiful fur she would allow me to spin into next to skin soft yarns. Sigh. Someday little bunny, someday.

So I made my way back to the vendor tent, this time with a plan in mind. I started on my mission. I picked up some Alpaca because the 3 pounds I already have at home isn’t enough, but this was very pretty dyed alpaca. I got some Wensendale wool since I nave not yet spun with Wensyndal wool. I also got lots and lots of mohair locks. Some already dyed and some natural so I can play around dyeing my own.I subscribed to Wild Fibers magazine and also got a calendar from this artist. So cute!

Just when I thought I was done, next thing I knew my arms where full of really cool fibers from Bonkers. I don’t know what happened, one minute I was on my way out, finished shopping, the next I was in her booth drooling. What can you do? It’s not my fault she put some “moth to a fire” spell on her fibers.

Good thing Tour De Fleece is coming up. I have sooo much to choose from and spin up. Did I tell you I also ordered my bulky flyer for my matchless? Life is good!


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