Monday, December 13, 2010

Not so Handmade Holiday-

I’ve realized that I just don’t do shopping. Really I’m no good at it. It always starts off when I pull into the parking lot of the mall. I get that first surge of annoyance as I try to find a parking spot and I can feel the the transformation begin to take over and turn me into a ruthless, greedy bitch. I will cut people of for the better spot. Once I step foot in the mall my face begins to twist into an expression that reads “Don’t F with me and get out of my way”. I’ll bump into people, usually on purpose if they are wandering around as if they had no mission, because they have become an obstacle of mine, get in and get out.. I will obnoxiously huff and puff when the lines are too long, rolling my eyes and shaking my head. Heaven forbid an off spring shall cross my path, the glare I will bestow up on them will give them nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Ah yes, here we are again, “The Holidays”.

For several years my gifts were handmade. It was all so perfect. I could show my love through taking the time to create for my loved ones. I would get my shopping done early for supplies. The stores that sell my supplies are generally not too busy and they are always “the happy place” for me.

This year, I decided I would just go and buy gifts. I don’t know why. At this point my family expects handmade. It has been a mistake. When I step into the mall, I get overwhelmed and turn into that unrecognizable creature and I lose track of why I was there at all. I had my chance this past weekend. I went to the mall with the kids so they could do some shopping. We went off in our separate directions since we generally don’t like to shop in the same stores. After standing in one line, I decided my sanity was more important and ended up here...

I was much happier. The margarita was marvelous and it was Happy Hour! What better way to spend a day of shopping!

So, I’m still empty handed. I’ve decided gift certificates will be the way to go, avoiding places that are in the mall. Next year I will not make the same mistake. It will be a Hand-made Holiday.


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