Monday, December 20, 2010

Beef Bourguignon

In my effort to peak my culinary awareness and inspired by the book Julie & Julia, I embarked on the adventure of making, you guessed it, Beef Bourguignon!

After returning from my fav organic market, I set to work on prepping fresh, delicious ingredients.


After getting everything blanched, sauteed and fried it all went into the cast iron pot, swimming in a bottle of wine. Yum!


Three hours went buy, with every minute filling the house with an incredible aroma, making are belly's grumble in anticipation for this savory meal. I was afraid it would turn out as a glorified stew, but let me tell you, it did not. The first bite was heaven. The flavors were intense and much more sophisticated than what I would normally get out of a crock pot stew. The meat was fork tender and just melted in our mouths.


There are other versions of Beef Bourguignon that take less time. Julia’s takes about 6 hours, this includes a couple of prep sessions and cooking. I chose to make Julia’s dish because I needed the time in the kitchen. Time to re-focus and ease my mind of the cluttering, over-thinking and grinding it had been suffering this past month. It helped me remember to tackle my challenges, one step, and one ingredient at a time.


Blogger Juana B. Artist (a.k.a. Karin) said...

I LOVE Julia Child's BB recipe and have made it 3X! I'm not a big beef fan, but I really enjoy this recipe!

Hope you are enjoying your new job. It seems weird to see your cubicle empty!

Karin (juanabartist on Ravelry)

February 27, 2012 at 5:04 PM  

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