Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indian Summer

This weekend was full of more harvesting activities. We turned these....

Into this...

Driving through town the aroma of roasted hatch chili's filled the air. I couldn't resist, I got two bushels. While waiting for the chili's to roast I chatted with the owner, an older gentleman in a cowboy hat and welcoming grin. We talked about the chili's, family and this years harvest. His little Chihuahua comfortably perched in his arms, looking at me through his good eye. The man explained that it took this little guy a long journey to find him and now they are life partners.

I finished my scarf. The colors remind me of all the veggies we have been roasting and canning and pickling these past few weekends. The scarf was knit up on jumbo 35 needles and I used about 2.5 balls of this cool yarn. I have enough left to make cozy hat.

After a nice day of harvesting, pickling and knitting, we kicked our feet up and enjoyed an Autumn evening sitting by the fire. I heart Autumn. :)


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