Sunday, October 17, 2010

Green Tomatoes and Chocolate Cake

The weather has been unusually warm this Indian Summer. Each week we see a few more red tomatoes and I've been doing what has become routine of harvesting and drying the tomatoes in the oven or freezing them whole for later use in sauces. We still have several green tomatoes and I didn't want any to go to waste. I searched the internet for recipes using Green Tomatoes. I came across recipes for Green Tomato Jam and settled on a couple for my weekend project. Last night we finished the first batch of jam from this recipe.

Fresh picked Green Tomatoes...

This was the first time we have made jam and ended up cooking it a bit too long, but it is still very scrumptious. The Vanilla adds awesome flavor and for some heat we threw in a Habanero.

The second recipe is a 3 day process and includes cinnamon and all spice. We started step one last night, and will continue today and tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I filled my basket with Fennel from the garden.

I took flowering heads that had not yet blossomed put them in a paperback and stowed away in a closet. Last night I remembered they were there and probably ready to be seeded. This was an easy and relaxing task we did while chatting and listening to music. We ended up with half a jar of fennel seeds to be used in chicken and dumplings fav.

After another weekend of harvesting and preparing for winter I made a chocolate cake...Just because


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