Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gettin Crafty

With the garden all harvested, everything canned, jellied, jammed, and frozen I turned my attention to long awaited crafty projects.

I’m doing my first color work knitting project. Argyle socks from Knit.1 magazine Fall 2007 issue. I’ve only had to start over once, so far, to switch to a smaller needle than what the pattern calls for. I’m much happier with the results.

Early this summer I bought a TON of organza and silk fabric. My mission was to make cute little flowers for my Etsy store. These flowers are adorable and can be used in spinning projects, or sewn into knitting projects. I also have some jewelry designs in mind. I’m waiting for my shipment of center beads to come in to finish these but plan to post them to my store next weekend.

I have these wonderful bead mixes that I also will be offering in my store in the up coming weeks. They are so much fun! My first project will be spinning them in with some fiber that I carded this weekend. Hand carded that is, I do not yet have a drum carder. I’m just so confused about the whole thing, so I will happily hand card until I can figure it out. This mix includes my first eva fleece I processed, Rambouillet, it also includes some Tussah silk, and commercial Merino. I took some sections of my batts and strung on some beads. I want to experiment with doing the pre-strung method as well as adding them in as I spin.

It's back to the sock now. I hope you too have had a crafty Halloween. :)


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