Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I heart Alton Brown

Alton Brown has never failed me. I have made his fool proof very moist meat loaf, followed his tip on soaking potatoes in smoked sea salt for the most scrumptious mashed potatoes and his turkey, OMG, brining it in all kinds of yummy aromatics made me look like a star at last years Thanksgiving feast!

Once again, he has won my heart through my stomach. Tamales. I’ve always wanted to make Tamales and I was happy to find that Alton had a recipe. So I set off to the store for some pork butt, husks and cornmeal, along with a few spices I did not already have in the pantry.

Tamales are actually pretty easy to make. We started off by simmering the Pork Butt in a pot of water and spices for 2 hours. While that was going we soaked the husks. Once the meat was done, we took it out to cool. While cooling we prepared the cornmeal dough. We shredded the meat and added it to the sautéed veggies and more spices. The spices included chili powder, cumin and smoked paprika to name a few and it made the house smell incredible! It was so hard to resist taking little taste tests of the meat because it was soo tender and yummy!

We turned on some good music, set up our work station and off we went to assemble these sinful delectables. With good company, good music and good wine, we had assembled about 3 dozen of Tamales in no time. Now, it was time to wait, mouths-watering while the Tamales simmered for an hour and a half teasing us as they filled the house with their heavenly aroma.

As soon as it was time, we dove right in and enjoyed each Tamale until we were satisfied. Oh, did I mention we also went on a stuffed pepper mission too?

So what if it was 1 am. It was well worth the heartburn later


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