Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer 2010

This summer has been a nice, non-hectic, peaceful summer. It has been full of culinary delights, good reads and an introduction to a new passion.

The Garden has been slow growing, actually we saw a good start of peppers, tomatoes and squash, it just took awhile for things to ripen the way they did last summer. Last summer we had so many veggies ready to go all at once it was overwhelming. This year we had just enough and just at the right time.

No long vacations or big rode trips this summer, but that was ok. Plenty of basking in the sunshine, enjoying summer cocktails and new books. Ok, American Psycho is not really what anyone would consider a relaxing summer read, but I can say it was intellectually stimulating with a lot of room for interpretation and 3 a.m. discussion under the stars.

I went on my first real backpacking trip to Conundrum Springs. On the way up, we frolicked in the meadows, rested at river banks, joked and laughed. The scenery was enchanting and I felt like I was on a true adventure heading for a magical destination. I think I even saw a gnome or two. In my ignorant bliss, little did I know my fairytale would soon become an action packed Indiana Jones movie as we leaped across logs, fell in rivers, backtracked after a lost dog, and climb our way up the last 4 miles to finally arrive, limping, tired and hungry. The poor dogs were even limping in. It was all well worth it as we spent the entire next day soaking in the natural hot springs, au naturale.

I picked up a new obsession with fiber. I have pounds and pounds of wool sitting around my house waiting to be cleaned, combed, spun, knitted and loved. I have even converted one of the rooms in my house to be my “Fiber Room”. I also have a “Studio” for silversmith work and a “Sewing Loft”. There is a good side to having a big house all to myself! Seriously, I may end up on hoarders... if you can find me in my mountains of wool.

What a great Summer.


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