Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beginning Harvest

This weekend was the beginning of our Harvesting activities. We have so many beautiful tomatoes of different types, shapes and sizes. It was quite overwhelming to try to pick them all, but I picked what I could of the little guys to make a nice batch of sun-dried tomatoes. I sliced them in half and arranged them on a couple of cookie sheets. I added some garlic cloves and sprinkled with fresh thyme and oregano from the herb garden and a little salt and pepper. I tucked them away in the oven for their 5 hour transformation. From start to finish the house smelled SO GOOD! At first it was the smell of fresh tomatoes and herbs, then it turned into a more sweet fruity aroma. These little guys are just like candy...

While the tomatoes were drying in the oven I moved on to the peppers. We didn’t have as many ripe peppers as I had anticipated but there were plenty to roast on the grill and freeze for some nice spicy chilis and soups this winter. Between walking outside and inside it was olfactory heaven!

While the tomatoes where drying and the chilis were roasting, I was knitting. I started this scarf. I love these big needles and chunky yarn. I can whip up some super cozy scarves in no time!

I also continued to process fleece. This time it is my new Dorset. It is soft and lofty and it feels like it’s going to be a breeze to spin. My Rambiolette fleece has been a bit of a challenge to spin. It is super springy and fine. I think I may do a mix with Dorset and Ramb, I may like that better.


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