Monday, July 19, 2010


Wow, it has been sometime since my last post. I guess I do not post much since I know I don’t have a following, lol. I go through times where I just need to express how I’m feeling and this is the outlet I enjoy using, so I post when the urge strikes and life is not throwing around curve balls left and right.

It’s that time of year again where the garden is generously producing fruits and veggies. There is nothing more tastier than preparing meals from the garden. The freshness is unbeatable and the pride that comes from watching seedlings sprout from the earth and those sprouts turn into nourishing plants makes it that much sweeter.

Saturday evening was a great night of culinary creativity. I gathered some arugula, basil, mint, fennel, eggplant and shallots. I tossed the fennel, eggplant and shallots in olive oil with a little salt and pepper and roasted on the grill. I tore the arugula leaves and cut the basil and mint, Chiffonade style. Tossed in a salad bowl. When the roasted veggies were done, I threw some pine nuts on the same pan and toasted. The smell was incredible. I tossed the roasted veggies, greens, pine nuts and added some goat cheese. Amazing! The first bite was soo good, but I felt it was missing a sweet component and after taking a sip of Shiraz wine, it rounded off the meal very nicely. We did have steak as well, but the salad definitely took the spotlight.

The colors of the salad were so earthy and rich. Earlier that day, I had blended some wool in greens, deep purple, soft yellow and some brown sparkle. I spun it up into a little skein and I am so happy with the result. Maybe this sparked my culinary creativity that night? Although, the garden was my muse when I chose the fibers. Speaking of which, I have not talked about my new addiction have I? Let’s just say I’ve been on a major creative high.

Life is good.