Monday, October 26, 2009

91 Days of Summer

When the first few snowflakes made their way down announcing that summer was officially over, I had already felt the longing for warm sunshine, cocktails on the patio, generous gardens and motorcycle rides through the mountains. As I picked the last few peppers from our now harvest garden, I reflected on the adventures and accomplishments that had unfolded in the 91 days of summer.

In 91 days of summer I went to Santa Fe with my mother and daughter. We enjoyed art, food and more importantly made time to be together.

In 91 days of summer I traveled an average of 100 miles each weekend through the mountains on my motorcycle getting to know her and preparing myself for the big adventure.

In 91 days of summer I helped plant a garden and watched it give and nourish wanting nothing in return but water and sunshine.

In 91 days of summer some relationships flourished and grew into something more, something cherished.

In 91 days of summer some relationships weakened and my heart ached.

In 91 days of summer I found my Derby family.

In 91 days of summer I saw 2200 miles of road pass beneath my feet. I felt 2200 miles of wind against my body. I smelled 2200 miles of nature, city and dessert. For 2200 miles I heard my engine hum and my heart speak.

The snowflakes continue to dance down from the sky in a soft chilly breeze, whispering promises of warm nights snuggling with loved ones, the aroma of stews, casseroles and baked goodies, yards and yards of soft wool running through my fingers and the soft clicking of my knitting needles.