Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Vacation I

I’m naired, plucked, exfoliated, moisturized, conditioned, masked, painted, whitened, highlighted and packed.

Aaah yes, the preparation for vacation.

I sit here, waiting for my polish “flirt” to dry. Flirt is a very dark purple, almost black. My night does not end when this paint is dry. No. Next, I will Q-tip the mess I made outside the lines. I ponder if the amount I saved on a manicure/pedicure was worth my time and effort to paint my own nails with this dark polish, I LOVE, yet cannot stay within the lines of my cuticles for the life of me! O’well, what is done, is done. I can’t turn back now. Lesson learned.

Do the boys realize what we ladies go through? Honestly! I wonder if he would even care if I showed up natural nails, dry skin and in the same dress he has seen me in time and time again. All this effort! Does he even notice? Does he notice my brows are slightly more arched than usual? My skin is down to its first layer? That my hair has a few more facets in the sunlight?

Perhaps what he may notice is my radiance when I first step off the plane. The glow that comes from missing.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

Based on our telephone conversation this evening(huba-huba) I believe this to be true.


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