Friday, January 2, 2009

The Arrival

I never thought I would ride up on the back of a bike into Sturgis with other fellow “bikers”. I know I was a passenger, but what do you have to do to be considered a true biker? Do you own a Harley? Do you wear leather and do rags all the time? Do you always go to biker bars?

I tried to pass it off, like this was my way of life. I’m relaxed and confident on the back of a bike and I look damn sexy, yes sir, you may feast your eyes and enjoy. I think my eyes, wide with curiosity and fascination probably gave me away. I am not a professional biker passenger person. This was a whole new experience for me.

We rode in through Black Hills Forest. The scenery was just breath taking. This is terrible, but I didn’t always wear my helmet while in Sturgis. Most of the time we were going pretty slow and I know, I know this is not an excuse, but I just wanted to feel the wind in my hair, the sun warm the back of my neck and to just, breath.

Once we got into the town of Sturgis there were Bikers as far as the eye can see. Harley Bikers, Corporate Bikers, Biker passengers taking pictures and even reading books. How can you read a book with all this going on around you? How cool would it be to have a bike of my own and to ride off in pointy high heeled shoes like her? Look at that guy with all his animal skins and bones embellishing him and his bike! Whoa, lots and lots of boobies. And you can read a book? Crazy!

We finally made it through the mob of bikers and made it to grandma’s house. She is not my grandma, she is our friends grandma, but that is what we called her while we where there. Both her and her husband were so generous to open their home to us knowing we were going to be getting trashed and possibly naked, after all, it is Sturgis. They were use to this however, up until recently they had rented their backyard out to anyone who wanted to set up camp. I also think grandpa enjoyed the company and the life we brought to their home. I wondered if he reminisced about his younger days while he sat their, quiet in his chair just taking it all in.

It felt good to take a quick shower and wash away all the dust and exhaust. I applied my makeup, fluffed my hair and anticipated what the night would bring, here in Sturgis.

Lots and lots of Bikes:

Mount Rushmore...

Town of Sturgis...

That is a Cubs shirt, in case no one noticed.

To be continued….


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