Monday, December 29, 2008


I had a really great Christmas this year! Most of my knitting projects were completed and wrapped with care. The one I did not finish, I started on Christmas eve to have completed by Christmas day. I would have succeeded except I ran out of yarn. I just didn’t think this hat would take up 3 skeins!

Now that Christmas is done I have started 3 wrap/scarf projects. I ran down to Michaels and picked up a pair of size 35 needles. Imagine my fascination when I saw how big they are!!

You all went there, didn’t you?

Anyway, I pulled out some Brown Sheep and some novelty yarn and starting knitting away. I’m using Garnet Brown Sheep and some orangey novelty. I ran out of yarn for this one, so I placed an order online for some new yarn. The next day I went to the yarn store and found the White wool I needed to mix with some novelty yarn I already have and I found another cool wool/novelty yarn mix that I am also throwing in some Kid Mohair. Can you say addicted? It’s just nice to see how quickly these knit up and how impressive they look. As soon as I finish them I will post pics for the world to see! I like that I can have a simple, no brainer to do in an evening and it doesn’t expect breakfast in the morning!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Knit Chat

I know I have not been blogging a lot, nor have I blogged about knitting in a while. This doesn't mean I have not been knitting, I have been knitting a lot. In fact, I even started a knitting group with a few ladies and I am recruiting more.

I got my Swap-Bot partner for my first swap, eva! I *heart* swap-bot, I'm so glad I found you and I can't wait to start mailing goodies to people I don't even know.

Of course I started my Christmas knitting late and I'm scrambling trying to get my projects done. I was pleased when I found this pattern as I thought it would bring a different look and feel to your normal wrist warmer and offer a light and feminine style. Little did I know, until I bought the Rowan Kid Mohair at $14 a pop that this project not only brought style but it also brought a lot of frustration and four letter words that you just don't say around Christmas time. I also realized that the fragile state of this yarn made it a very unpractical wrist warmer, especially since when I put the damn thing on the yarn snapped causing me to snap, flinging the wrist warmer off the needles (mohair is very slippery on skacels) . The partially done wrist warmer will now rot in hell like the devil project it is behind the TV.

After my little wrist warmer mishap, I happily headed out to my LYS to select a more user friendly mohair. I was very excited when I found Berraco Jasper 100% Merino Wool. It's soft and comes in a beautiful array of colors. The pattern I have chosen comes out of Weekend Knitting. I sat down with my happy yarn, and happy needles and I was just so happy as I gingerly knitted away completing my first warmer within 3 hours. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! Looks like I will not need to give away IOU Insert knitted project gift here Cards again. Jooooy!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The snow is finally falling. It’s been an unusually warm November and it has made me kind of frustrated. With each warm day it just reminds me of the great summer past.

Out of all the great adventures this summer, I would have to say the most memorable adventure was Sturgis. The journey there, the time there, the journey back.

We packed our gear into our friends Mercedes Benz SUV. Why is Mercedes Benz SUV relevant? Well, in above 90 degree weather, in stand still traffic on I-25, I just couldn’t get motivated to ride on the back of the bike over the brand new plush leather interior and climate controlled luxury that was this vehicle. Plus, I had Circus Peanuts to munch on.

We got to Wyoming and that is about the time I climbed on the back of the bike. While this is a good size bike, it’s not really set up for traveling partners. Not even a Sissy bar.

We rode for a good amount of time and we ended up in a small town called Lusk, WY. We rode through the town barely passing it by before we decided to turn around and call it a night. The sparkling cool water of the hotel pools and the thought a nice cold beer was just to tempting to keep riding. We found our hotel, checked in, then hit the 2 bar town.

I swear, I felt like I should have been in a town that would have been in "No Country for Old Men". The bar we walked into was dark and dingy. The people there looked worn, not that this is a bad thing, but you know, they looked tired and drunk. Fly swatters were placed at various tables and I jumped a little at the SWAT that was one of the fly’s demise. Even though we got some stank eyes walking in, the bartender acted as if we didn’t exist. We finally got our beers and chili dogs, which I’m pretty sure had fly guts in it and began to relax.

By the end of the night I had an Australian man drink beer from my very, very worn flip flop, learned a few moves from some strippers and enjoyed a midnight dip in the pool.

What is a Restaurant Package??

Few beers later...

The next morning, I climbed on the back of the bike anxious for what awaited us in our destination.

To be continued…