Friday, November 28, 2008

Us 3

I have these two girlfriends, they are my bestest friends eva! It seems when we get together, for some reason we run into some kind of what some folks would call “trouble”. We are never home when we promise, this tends to get us in a little trouble. We may end up having a tad too much wine, this tends to get us in a little trouble. We are known to throw mini fits when our time together is compromised, this tends to get us in a little trouble.

It would only happen to us, we would get stuck in a glass elevator with 5 cheesecakes. At first we panicked when the elevator was no longer going up or down and just sitting halfway. Once we realized we had the cheesecake… well, we were stuck, and hungry and together. There was still plenty of cheesecake left for the party once we were rescued.

It would only happen to us, in a “ladies only” club I would flash my cooch to an innocent passer-by. Apparently he thought I was inviting him in. Luckily the bodyguard told him he was barking up the wrong tree as we are not interested in “his kind”. It was totally innocent. We had purchased matching anklets and I was putting mine on. I was wearing a mini skirt and didn’t want to flash everyone in the bar so I turned toward the NOT tinted window. I totally thought it as tinted. Oops.

A good amount of time had passed since all three of us had gotten together. We have been busy with our careers, family and life. We finally got our schedules coordinated and met up at our favorite Sushi joint. This place has some delicious unique rolls. One in particular doesn’t even look like sushi. It has tomatoes, basil and capers on top drizzled in olive oil. Very tasty. We are enjoying the roll when a man walks by and asked us what we had ordered. Being our friendly outgoing selves we told him what is was and offered him a bite.

This man happen to be a millionaire named Vinny from Jersey. He was a very nice older man with some pretty interesting stories. By the end of the night we were drinking Dom Perignon, sampling other dishes and ordering the good Sake, all expenses paid. I would have never thought offering a bite to a stranger would create such a memorable night.

This would only happen to us.


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