Thursday, April 10, 2008

Treadmill Euphoria #2

You got the job. Not only did you get the job at the salary you asked for, you negotiated a better rate during your contract period, awesome.

What’s that smell?

Ok, things are starting to fall into place, what’s next, oh yeah, the roommate, shit.

Damn it to hell, what iiisss that smell?

Ugh, the roommate. I just can’t keep going like this, I need my house back and my TV.

Fuck, who is farting, man that is just nasty, be considerate.

I wonder if when I get my boob job how much they will bounce when I run. That’s going to be annoying, I mean look at them now, they don’t even move with my sports bra. I’m going to have to get a really good sports bra when I get my Cs.

Damn it to hell! Who is farting? It has to be that guy right next to me! Stomping on the treadmill like he is fucking Forest Gump! Run Forest, RUN!

When will my runner’s high happen. I’ve been at it now for 20 minutes. I’m going to push a bit.

Oh, no he didn’t, oh god, he did and he saw that I saw. I can’t believe he just adjusted himself to that degree while running next to me, look away, quickly, pretend you did not see. He knows I know. Fuck, I almost fell, he is distracting me. Awkward!

That smell again, how can I expect to have my orgasm with that smell?

Turn music up, aw yeah, J.T. Baby!

Ah, Aw, Oh, YES! Damn Girl! YES! FINALLY!!! Tingles, rush, release.

Oh yeah, that was good.


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