Monday, February 4, 2008

Pushing Daisies and Wine

Vida Organica: Chardonnay

Tangerines, Peaches, grapefruit.

I’m giving value wines another chance. This one is pretty good. I know there are other flavors in this if I;
1. Did not review it before it hit my blood stream.
2. I allowed it to age a bit.

I like this one, for a white wine. It’s an Argentina wine made from organic grapes. I’m not a huge white wine fan. They are either too sweet or too grapefruity. This one has a citrus punch to it, but it’s not grapefruit. It has a sweetness to it that resembles not so ripe tangerines. That’s all I could think of with this. I think there are some floral notes, but I will need to try it a little more sober. I want to say jasmine, but the judgment of my taste buds have been altered a bit at this point. I want to say this has been fermented in steel barrels, I’m not getting any oak in the flavor, which is what I prefer so it is surprising I like this one. However, I am no expert

I think I found my new show! Pushing Daisies. I love it. There is magic, humor, knitting and olfaction!! Yes, olfaction! The first episode I watched on “Death by Scratch and sniff”. You had me at knit, sniff, knit!

I will be spending the next few nights as I have time to catch up on the show. While I don’t want to commit yet, I think this show has potential.

I’ve started my 3rd project for my charity knitting resolution. I’m knitting a baby sweater. Awww! It’s a lot of fun and a great break from my lace knitting and daisy wrist warmers.

Speaking of those projects. I’m not happy. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my count was off on my lace project. It ended up I had already knit that row that I was trying to knit it again. I won’t explain, knitters will understand.

My daisy wrist warmers are going ok, but not really portable friendly. I’m using 4 colors and to pull it out during a lunch break, it’s just too hard. No pun intended. I’m going to keep this project in the bedroom.

I will be posting pictures soon of my UFO’s, FO’s and creepy close up body shots. Ok, maybe not that last part, I’ll save that for a different site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really want to see that pushing daisies show!!

February 11, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

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