Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simple Kind Of Life

I have this constant yearning, this tug at my heart pulling me. It never stops. It will subside for awhile, as the chaos which is my life distracts me from this desire, but it never goes away.

I want to believe that this is my destiny. This is what I am supposed to do and be. It isn’t anything noble, it’s actually a selfish desire. It just feels like it’s where I belong.

I can easily imagine walking through narrow allies, chatting with the locals. Fresh bread baking. Stop in for espresso. Walking up ancient steps to my little jewelry shop.

Salt in the air from the Mediterranean Sea. Fisherman unloading his small boat loaded with the catch of the day for the local Ristorante. Simple pleasures. A Felines paradise.

These are rambling thoughts, I know. I feel it so deeply I cannot express it in words. It’s just been one of those days I like to escape to my place of serenity.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pushing Daisies and Wine

Vida Organica: Chardonnay

Tangerines, Peaches, grapefruit.

I’m giving value wines another chance. This one is pretty good. I know there are other flavors in this if I;
1. Did not review it before it hit my blood stream.
2. I allowed it to age a bit.

I like this one, for a white wine. It’s an Argentina wine made from organic grapes. I’m not a huge white wine fan. They are either too sweet or too grapefruity. This one has a citrus punch to it, but it’s not grapefruit. It has a sweetness to it that resembles not so ripe tangerines. That’s all I could think of with this. I think there are some floral notes, but I will need to try it a little more sober. I want to say jasmine, but the judgment of my taste buds have been altered a bit at this point. I want to say this has been fermented in steel barrels, I’m not getting any oak in the flavor, which is what I prefer so it is surprising I like this one. However, I am no expert

I think I found my new show! Pushing Daisies. I love it. There is magic, humor, knitting and olfaction!! Yes, olfaction! The first episode I watched on “Death by Scratch and sniff”. You had me at knit, sniff, knit!

I will be spending the next few nights as I have time to catch up on the show. While I don’t want to commit yet, I think this show has potential.

I’ve started my 3rd project for my charity knitting resolution. I’m knitting a baby sweater. Awww! It’s a lot of fun and a great break from my lace knitting and daisy wrist warmers.

Speaking of those projects. I’m not happy. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my count was off on my lace project. It ended up I had already knit that row that I was trying to knit it again. I won’t explain, knitters will understand.

My daisy wrist warmers are going ok, but not really portable friendly. I’m using 4 colors and to pull it out during a lunch break, it’s just too hard. No pun intended. I’m going to keep this project in the bedroom.

I will be posting pictures soon of my UFO’s, FO’s and creepy close up body shots. Ok, maybe not that last part, I’ll save that for a different site.