Thursday, December 27, 2007


I love New Years. My mood has taken a 180 now that the Holiday season is wrapping up. I got through it and everyone is still alive. Hallelujah!

Tonight was a good night. I made some rockin Clam Linguini that I enjoyed with some Asiago shavings and a glass (2,3) of Gabbiano Wine.

I just started drinking Gabbiono, well really Chianti wine again. I forgot how much I like Chianti wine, it reminds me of Tuscany so much. It has a prevalent olive flavor and musty aroma. A cool thing I learned about Chianti Wine is a Classic Chianti that originates from the Tuscan Chianti region may be identified by a Black Cock on the label. This is a “true” Chianti. Other Chianti’s are such due to their main Grape varietal Sangiovese, So, needless to say, when I want a really good Chianti I look for the Black Cock. Go ahead, laugh.

I have not posted about knitting in awhile so here it is. I am working on my first lace project… For those of you who do, have tempted, or even thought about lace knitting you will understand the complexity and patience this type of project requires. For you non-knitters, leave me the f@$& alone and let me knit this god damn thing or else I will jab my knitting needles into BOTH of your eyes. I do not plan on finishing this thing until December 2008.

For relaxation I have started knitting dish cloths out of Mason Dixon Knits. I completed my first one and I love, LOVE it. It feels so good and productive! I like me a good productive dish cloth.

Tonight I’m going to dig into my stash and pull out all my wool and for a good cause. No, it’s not to roll around in nekkid. I found this great site for Charity knitting,Warm Wollies I have really wanted to do Charity Knitting and there is no time better than New Years to get started on this great resolution. I have been blessed with lots of wool yarn that will be prefect for these small projects. The really cool thing about this Charity is they will also supply the wool yarn if needed. So, New Years Eve, I’ll be casting on for a child in need.

If I don’t find something to rant, rave, or rattle about before the new year , Happy New Year!! See you in 2008.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ms Bitch Grinch

What was once a time dedicated to family, friends and peace on earth has now become a time of chaos, stress and many unhappy people.
It’s interesting because even my family will express the stress and amount of money that we all invest into Christmas for one another, however each year there is no desire to change. To me the best Christmas gift from someone would be not to exchange Christmas gifts at all. Personally, Christmas is not the opportunity for me to think of all the things I want but have not acquired and add them to a wish list for someone else to spend time and money on.

Now, I’m not that much of scrooge. I understand the great feeling you have when giving gifts to people you love. You want to see them happy and excited and it feels good when you are giving them happiness. Unfortunately this happiness is produced from inanimate objects imported from third world countries marked up at least 10 times and shoved down our throats by society telling us that these are things that we want because it’s cool. Shopping for these things to give to folks I love leaves a lot to be desired. It just makes me grumpy and judging by the look on everyone else’s face at the mall it seems I’m not alone. This season is not about peace, it’s about cutting someone off so you can get that parking spot and waiting in endless lines in highly perfumed department stores so you can walk out sick and with a pounding headache. This in turn pretty much dissipates any driving etiquette you may have had left after dealing with Holiday traffic because now you just want to get home as quickly as possible regardless of how rude and inconsiderate you have to be. It just sucks.

I would have to say the best Christmas I have had are the ones that I make gifts. I am blessed to have a passion to create. Hand crafted gifts are much more personal to me. I know when I am creating a gift I’m in a good place and I’m thinking of that person from a good place. I’m not already 5 minutes in a line with probably 5 more minutes to go thinking of all the other lines I need to stand in next. I’m at home enjoying my children as we create things together, drinking a nice cup of tea with old fashion Christmas music playing gingerly in the background. Ok, maybe it’s not that serene, I have teenagers and they do get on my nerves, but I wouldn’t trade it for the mall and traffic.

The thing about hand crafted gifts is you need to think ahead and be prepared in which this year I was not. So, I armed myself with my best Bitch Grinch expression and headed out to the War of Retail.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gimme More

I don’t know how to respond to “Damn, you look good for your age” from a 20 something and “Why are all the beautiful girls spoken for?” from a 70 something on a Friday night at a bar. Let me add, not only did the 70 something continue to drop the lines on me all night, he also proceeded to gyrate his hips to Brittany’s “Gimmi More” smacking an imaginary ass while pointing at me and showing me his toothless grin. Flattered I am not.

Is this the typical night out for a single 30 something? I really don’t know if this is typical or if I should be offended and depressed. Here I have a fairly good looking early 20 something letting me know he is impressed with how well I have kept up with my appearance compared to the other two 30 something’s he knows. I realized I must have not behaved as grateful as he expected since he had to point out he was trying to pay me a compliment. I must have missed the compliment since his comments of “for your age” and “compared to the other two 30 something’s I know” rang in my head like bells of realization that I am no longer the wide eyed, curious and carefree 20 something girl he is probably use to. Where did all that time go?

Then I have a late 70 something letting me know I’m missing out on something good which he well implies is something in his groin area. While he is going to town bumpin N grindin, creeping up on me I desperately look for an out. Damn, too late. He is way too close for comfort whispering in my ear crap about my nationality which turns into a serious lecture about the Irish Republican Army. Squeezing my hand and looking at me straight in me eyes he says “girl you better ask your daddy about he I.R.A.” At that point I momentarily feared for my life even though I knew that with the pool stick in my hand I could take him. Scary. I don’t know why they let crazy people in bars and then liquor them up, but whatever. I think I handled it well.

I guess what it boils down to is how I feel about me. Sure, I get the occasional reminder that my 20 something days are long over, however, I feel young, and I’m sure I always will. I embrace life and alls its heartaches, challenges and successes and I try to experience everything to it’s fullest. It’s all a part of growing, “up”. :0)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

In attempt to get into the Christmas Spirit I have half-heartily spewed up what a friend likes to call "Christmas Puke" in my home. It's very minimal right now and I don't really have any plans to add more. Adding more entails cleaning more later and I'm just not in the mood.

Normally I’m not such a scrooge. I’m usually an easy going, fun loving gal to the point of making others sick with my optimism. Lately I’ve been telling people what I really think about them and I stare at them as if they are morons until they go away. Road rage is now prevalent in my everyday commute home. Merge RIGHT you fucking idiot, Merge Right!!!!! I’m sick and tired of people assuming it’s a merge left and looking at me like I’m being the ass when they in fact are the ASS!!

Ok that may have been a bit much, but I really needed to release some strong emotions I have with the merge right thing.

Back to Christmas Spirit. After visiting v’s wife blog and m•riah blog I had a little spark to get some Christmas Puke in my home. Here it is, stuffed cat and all:

Kidding, the cat isn’t really stuffed but with my patience wearing thin he may be before the season is over if he keeps climbing up my fake tree and knocking the branches off and sending all the pretty ornaments crashing to the floor. Cleaning up those fucking glass globe bullshit ornaments is a pain in the ass and finding them stuck in my toe at 3 am when letting out the dogs is enough to turn what was left of my insanity into gruesome homicidal thoughts.

Here kitty, kitty…..

Monday, December 3, 2007

Season's Greetings, Bah!!

It’s that time of year. Need I say more?

I may pop in to vent about how I love, love the freakin Holiday’s, but if not see you in 2008!