Friday, November 16, 2007

Sniff, Gulp, Click

The evening started out with a an older gentleman on the other end of the line; “No ma’am we are not meeting tonight, but come round in December as we are having our Holiday Potluck”. It’s not like I even really made up my mind if I was going to go to the Mineral and Geology club meeting tonight anyway, but still it was an option, really the only option I had for any social activity on a Friday evening.

Fine. Plan B.

The time I spent at the bookstore was really nice and peaceful. I picked up a few magazines covering all of the topics I enjoy; Jewelry Design, Retro Crafting, MetalSmith and Rock & Minerals, sat down and thumbed threw each one carefully knowing I could only choose one or two to take home with me. I am a magazine addict. I know this and I almost have it under control. I chose my one magazine, Rock & Minerals and found one book, cashed out and headed home.

Safeway stop. Aged Irish White Cheddar, Italian Dry Salami, Ritz Crackers, and woops, a Martha Stewart Magazine. No, I do not like MS, but I do like the ideas in her magazine, and remember I am an addict. Don’t hate the person, hate the illness.

Home. Open a bottle of wine, arrange my snack, gather my magazines and knitting to set myself up for this quality “alone time”. The intention is to throw in an Audrey Hepburn Classic, sit back, finish a knitting project and bookmark interesting articles for later reading in my magazines.

Damn it to hell! The DVD player is not working. Freakin piece of crap! There goes the Audrey idea. So, I flick through the cable and land on Ghost Whisperer. I typically do not watch this show, but on occasion I will because Jennifer Love-Hewitt is just so cute. This episode concluded with a little girl and her father finding resolution to the death of their mother/wife. Yes, I cried. To my defense, it was a very traumatic. The father was holding on to his wife as she dangled from a cliff that would take her life if he let her go. The daughter came running down to save her mother, stumbled and began to plummet to her death. Had her father not let go of his wife who gave him that reassuring “it’s ok to kill me for our child” look but still dramatically screamed and flailed about as she fell to her death, he would have lost their child. See, very sad, and I didn’t stop there. I proceeded to watch Beaches. This is a movie about two best friends. It ends with one of them dead. Why stop now? I’m on a roll.

Depressing or relishing? It’s two-fold. I couldn’t even make a date with the Geek Club, but I did get in a good, much needed cry and finished the Anthropologie Caplet, FINALLY!!

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Anonymous Nessa said...


Greetings from Malaysia:) Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comments.

You have an interesting blog, I love the way you write, intelligent and with a great sense of humor:)

I can't knit even if my life depended on it! I envy creative people...

Have a great weekend:D

November 17, 2007 at 8:23 AM  
Blogger J Leona said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Knitting and I did not get along at first, but i was determined. Now Knitting is truly a piece of me. If you want to knit, keep trying, you'll get it and it is a lot of fun when you do.

So, are you from Malaysia or did you move there from somewhere?

I look forward to getting to know you. :)

November 17, 2007 at 10:08 AM  
Anonymous Rhonda said...

Hey doll... thanks for coming by my blog. I do have to tell you that I cried too at the Ghost Whisper! I never do that but god that one was a major cry fest!
It would be awesome if you want to be the next Knit Girl. go here
and on the right hand side you will see the rules and a page for the submission form. Then just email some pics and we are off..

November 20, 2007 at 6:06 PM  

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