Friday, November 2, 2007

Boobs, Jewels, and a Wise Man

So, I lied, the anthropologie shrug is not yet complete. I noticed it looked kind of small. I had hopes that after blocking, it would be a tad bigger. It was a tad bigger and it fits me great, but I made it for my daughter and although we are of the same build, she has a great blessing, or should I say two great blessings that make what fits me, not fit her. Yes, my daughter, all of 15 has been blessed with brains, beauty and boobs. I can say she got the brains and perhaps some of the beauty from me, but come on!!

It’s so not fair. It takes work and a Wonder Bra for me to create an appearance that does not fit the profile of a 12 year old boy. Here I am, practically in a head stand praying that gravity will work WITH me and not against me as a pull and tug and lift my boobs up on the little padded seats ingeniously built into the Wonder Bra to create that appearance of happy perkiness and hoping that when I assume the upright position I’m not “Wondering” why my boobs insist on slipping under the seats. Ah, to be blessed with “athletic” style boobs, except I don’t have the body to fit. I always try to convince myself I don’t want a boob job. Instead, I’ll work out like a maniac to create an athletic body to go with my “athletic” boobs, she says enthusiastically. Ummm, right. I can see the gym from where I work, I... just...can't...quite...make it...over...there.

I’m happy to announce I am still a Rockin Jewelry Designer. Honestly, I totally have red carpet design ability. I mean, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but honk, honk! Ok, that was lame, but I have been breakin out them skillz this week. Hopefully I’ll stop being a loser and actually start selling my work again. It’s not a lack of motivation that keeps me in loser status. I have a lot going on in my life right now so I try to not beat myself up too much about it. I have presented myself with that “fork in the road” if you will. Choose this as a hobby or an occupation, but you have to choose. I tried to choose hobby, but I’m just too damn good at this to let it go to waste, and I love to do it. I’m not looking to make millions of dollars. That is not important to me. I want to have a comfortable life doing what I love and what I have passion for.

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”- Confucius

That Confucius character was on to something, I think.


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