Thursday, October 4, 2007

Zen Of Mice and Man

Tonight was productive and gratifying. I finished sewing together a knitted mouse that I have had for a few months knitted up and not put together. I never thought I would be a stuffed animal knitter, but due to a new comer in our family Jasper, or as I like to call him “Jazzy Jazz” I just couldn’t help myself. He approved his gift and I am satisfied with this finished object.

I also completed the Moss Stitch Hat for my man to go with his Moss Stitch Scarf. I mentioned in a previous post, I thought moss stitch was going to be torture but after getting into it I realize I’m actually quite fond of this stitch. Working this stitch would automatically launch me into a moment of Zen. Steady movements of my hands and wrists would move the yarn from front to back and back to front producing a rhythm of soft clicking as the needles gently glide together accepting the yarn for transformation.

Knitting is beautiful. I contemplated giving up knitting at one point. I even announced my retirement from knitting as if saying it out load would offer some comfort and strength. This was a choice I had to make. I felt I needed to give up knitting to get ahead in where my true skill and the roots of my passion live. What I learned is knitting keeps me grounded. I’m a deep thinker. I think about everything with every bit of detail I can muster. Knitting allows me this outlet and yet at the same time it relieves me from this burden. I can choose something that is simplistic in design to allow complex thinking. Or I can choose something complex in design to allow simplistic thinking. With complex designs my mind is working its logical gears, generating numbers and understanding patterns which in return gives my overworked analytical gears a rest.

I think the key is to recognize when knitting becomes a burden versus my savior. When I find myself buying yarn, just because or spending endless hours coveting and admiring the beautiful knitted objects fellow knitters share, then I just need to gently nudge myself away and just remember it’s healthy until its indulgence and I am not deserving of such a reward, yet.


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