Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sexy Back

Justin Timberlake is hot. I turn into a little schoolgirl when I see or hear Justin. He’s sexy. I often fantasize that I’m that woman on the dance floor he is lustfully staring at and I’m just shaking my thang all confident like Justin is just another guy. Really, what would I do if I ever met Justin Timberlake in person? I honestly don’t know. My personality is to play it cool, I mean, you know he always has silly girls all over him not containing themselves. I’d have to say, I would probably be one of them. The idea of my ever hooking up with Justin is far beyond my realitt. I may as well act the fool and be one of those silly girls, anything to get close and touch at least one hair on his adorable head, just one.

Now, on the other hand, if some Justin look-a-like approached me it would be a different story. What would a Justin clone approach be? “Hey Sexy Lady, your Sexy Back got me Loved Stone. Damn Girl, Damn, Let Me Talk To You and Set The Mood, cuz you know What Goes Around Comes Around, All Over Again. Um, I don’t think so loser. I mean really, right? There is something about the real Justin Timberlake that makes this work, but anyone else, please, don’t even go there.


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