Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Swallow It

Row One: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1
Row Two: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1

Repeat until piece measure however long you need it to.

I must be a masochist. Here I am knitting, in moss stitch no less, a scarf for my guy. Like he is really going know the difference between garter stitch and moss stitch and the painful swelling of my wrists and life time tendonitis I will develop from bringing the yarn front to back, back to front, front to back until the scarf is the right size to wrap around his neck and strangle him with because I chose to do his scarf in fucking moss stitch. It’s not his fault, but when I finish this thing he’d better be gracious.

On top of it, I just finished a bottle of one day old Pinot Gris that left me just as unsatisfied this evening as it did yesterday evening. You know? Kind of like that first drunken night with a hot new guy? Like the wine label, he appeared to be a sophisticated, bold, yet well balanced. The first night wasn’t so hot because you both had a little too much to drink and he was well, less than adequate to perform. The second night you’re hopes are high but you are sadly disappointed to find he is just as flat as the previous evening before. At least with Pinot Gris I can just swallow it, get a buzz and not fake gratification or be surprised with the aftertaste.

So, I knit here, buzzed, insomnia kicking in with full force. Maybe it’s time to open that bottle of Red Guitar?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Syrah, Shiraz, Shyiraz

Cherries, Vanilla, assuming oak..

Sting of alcohol.

First Bite into a plum, not quite ripe.

Fuzzy tongue.

Not bad. Debeque Canyon Syrah, Palisade, CO.

I’ve been told the difference between Shiraz and Syrah is Syrah is an “Old World” wine found in mostly European Vineyards and Shiraz is “New World mixed with “Old World” founded in Australia, making itself prevalent in the US. If this is true, then why is the one I’m drinking from GJ, CO called Syrah. I mean technically, wouldn’t it be a Shiraz by definition? Or maybe it can be called Shyiraz, coming from Western Colorada and all.. No matter, it’s not bad. After awhile it reminds me of Cold Stone. I use to get the sweet cream ice cream with black cherries and almonds mixed in. After the air circulates through this wine, I can smell that sweet cream aroma sprinkled with a touch of earth. Very Nice.

I just got off the phone with him. I think my body hit the ceiling and my heart hit the floor. He makes me feel so high and liberated. At the same time my heart sinks and I’m lost to him. I’m exposed, vulnerable and captivated. I listen intently while he speaks of minerals and cleavage. I'm fascinated by his simplistic mannerism when I know he is really complex. Not in the sense of complicated baggage. He has possessed a life that has exposed him to elements that created these different facets that make him who he is. Beautiful.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Living SQL

Select jb.[5_year_plan_name], jh.[must_accomplish_plan_name], jb.[unique_to_5_year_plan], jb.[plan_detail], jh.[plan_detail] from JensBrain jb join JensHopes jh on jb.jensheart = jh.jensheart Group by jb.[5_year_plan_name]
Order by whatever_makes_fucking_sense_at_the_time

It must make me feel like I have some sense of some control with all the plans I make. I plan a weekly menu. For that menu I write my grocery list, such that I can plan which aisles I will need to hit and in which order. I plan my weekly wardrobe based on weather, meeting agendas, and when I will go to the dry cleaners. I have 5 year plans and I have a 5 year plans for just about any circumstance that may change the previous 5 year plan; “Single Forever Plan”, “Traveling Career Woman Plan”, “My Teenage Daughter Has A Baby At 17 Plan”, “My Son Goes To Live With His Father Plan”, “I Met “The One” Today Plan”.

These are what I call my Top Level Plans. If you drill down into each of the top level plans, you will find that each of them contain a common subset of plans; I want to finish raising my kids in a safe and secure home. I want to live in Europe. I want to excel in my DBA career. I want to be an Artist, and own it. In addition to these common subsets of plans you will also find the plans that are unique according to the top level plan. Drill down into those plans, you will find the details on how I plan to accomplish all this. Clearly, this is the most logical way of dealing with life. You have Top Level Plans, subsets of plans, and details. As the scope of life changes, you can easily INSERT the subsets from Plan A to Plan B, UPDATE the details in Plan C, DROP Plan A and CREATE Plan D.

Don't forget to commit;